Frequently asked questions:

1. What kind of machines are you offering for rent?

Our selection features exercise machines for home use from the lineup of Kettler. These perfectly fit any home. They are not as big as GYM series, but are handy when it comes for home exercise.

2. How does the delivery work? Do I need to come pick it up from somewhere?

Team Kodusport arranges full service delivery right to your room. We get the machine in, set it up, and provide initial training on how to handle the machine. Pick ups and deliveries are arranged during the evening hours and on the weekends, at the time, when it is agreed with the customer.

3. How do I pay?

We operate on the prepayment basis. Invoices are issued every 30 days. Payments are done by bank transfers or through SportID.ee.

4. What if I want to stop my rental subscription?

To end the rental subscription just send a notification by email to info@kodusport.ee or call 5029914. State your name, and we will arrange the time for a pick up. Keep in mind that minimum rental period is 1 month.

5. What if my machine gets broken during the usage?

We do our best to ensure that your machine is taken care of. It means regular greasing, check ups, and parts replacement. Usually machines perform very well during the rental period. If something technical happens to the machine while you are using it, we will replace it with the same model at no extra cost to you.

6. What do I do if my machine makes strange noises or doesn’t work right?

Please contact us by sending an email to info@kodusport.ee, describe the problem, try to make a video if possible. We’ll find a solution together.

7. Do you require a security deposit?

We do not require a security deposit. We hope that you would be using the machine carefully, as if it was your own.